WIP 1328: Replace Yourself – What to Look for When Hiring Cold Callers

In the competitive world of real estate, success hinges on your ability to connect with motivated homeowners who are eager to sell their properties. Today, we invite you to meet the mastermind behind ‘Call Motivated Sellers’ – Dave Walker.

This episode unveils a game-changing approach that takes your outreach to the next level. By outsourcing your cold calling to a team of experts, you can focus on sealing those lucrative deals. In this episode, we’ll explore the crucial qualities to seek when selecting your cold calling team, providing you with the ultimate edge in the real estate market. Learn more about cold calling if you join Brent’s TTP training program today.


Show notes:

  • (1:06) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (4:02) A lead generation specialist company vs. a VA company.
  • (7:33) How does Call Motivated Sellers recruit and train better people than other service provider companies?
  • (8:35) What tools and resources does a client need to start cold calling and texting?
  • (16:30) In Call Motivated Sellers, they strive to create opportunities and growth for their agents to foster a desire to stick around.
  • (18:43) What is the role of a dedicated account manager?
  • (24:13) Difference between texting and phone prospecting agents.



  • Upwork
  • Outbounders
  • Call Motivated Sellers (type in: ttp/rhino in the notes section)
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