WIP 1324: #ThrowbackThursday – Lessons from a Navy Veteran on How to Maximize Every Minute of Your Day

Starting a real estate business while balancing a full-time job? Our guest today, Bobby Burg, is a shining example of how to strike that balance. He serves in the United States Navy while thriving in the real estate wholesaling business on the side.

Bobby is here to share some insights into how he’s able to expertly manage his time and offer a sneak peek into the challenges he’s conquered on his journey. But there’s more to the story… Bobby also breaks down a deal that he made in San Antonio, reaping $28,000 profit!

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Show notes:

  • (1:03) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:48) How Bobby finds his way to wholesaling real estate
  • (8:49) Real estate investing comes down to three parts: lead generation, conversion, and exit strategy. 
  • (13:05) The processes in wholesaling that you use to get things done do work.
  • (19:01) Let your team understand that they’re an important part of your company. 
  • (22:20) How Bobby gets his cash buyers
  • (27:37) What is next for Bobby in his wholesaling journey?



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