WIP 1310: Meet the 27 Year Old Who has Done over 200 Land Deals in a Short Period of Time

Today’s guest has already appeared on the podcast three times, and yes, he still has more to share!

Dan Haberkost is back once again, and in this episode, he will share how he closed over 200 land deals in just five short years in real estate. His secret lies in his unique postcards and in establishing legitimacy and certainty with his sellers. Discover more about his journey on today’s show.

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Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:40) Navigating the complexities of low and no money down investments in real estate
  • (9:29) Dan’s journey of real estate business expansion and its current status
  • (12:52) Diving into the direct-to-seller marketing strategy
  • (16:36) A step-by-step walkthrough of Dan’s postcard marketing approach
  • (17:56) Crafting postcards that convey trust and legitimacy, a key aspect in seller interactions
  • (22:58) How is Dan selling these land deals?



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