WIP 1309: #ThrowbackThursday – Partnerships – How the Perfect Partnership Led to $92,000 in Profits in a Single Month!

A successful partnership is a great entry point into real estate, especially for those with knowledge gaps. It can be the key for new investors to start strong. Partnerships create balance, as they divide responsibilities.

In this episode, guests Michael Acevedo and Ty discuss effective structures, clear communication, and lead generation for top deals. Learn how they made $92,000 profit in a month! Become skilled in real estate like these two – join the  TTP training program now!


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (7:05) The toughest part of starting out in wholesaling is talking to property owners. 
  • (9:10) What led to Ty and Michael’s partnership?
  • (12:55) Communication is key to a great partnership.
  • (13:46) How do they generate opportunities and find leads?
  • (20:25) Wait until you get a hundred leads before getting a CRM. 
  • (24:50) A $265,000 deal breakdown



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