WIP 1299: #ThrowbackThursday – Why Wholesaling is the Most Important Job in Real Estate

In the world of real estate, traditional brokerages play by the commission rulebook, but abandoned properties quietly cost us about  $14 billion in unpaid taxes each year.

Enter the heroes of the real estate game: wholesalers. They swoop in, rescue distressed property owners, and magically transform neglected spaces into vibrant homes. Their secret? Wholesaling!

Join us in this episode as Brent Daniels unravels the story of how wholesaling not only saves the day but also uplifts communities. Learn more by joining Brent’s TTP training program.


Show notes:

  • (0:55) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (2:32) How many realtors are specifically going after vacant homes?
  • (3:42) $14 billion a year in unpaid property taxes.
  • (4:52) We have so many properties that aren’t getting paid.
  • (6:00) Wholesaling is wonderfully moral and ethical!



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