WIP 1293: The Greatest Business Audiobook – Part 3 – Constructing Your Lead Generation Machine

As an investor, you understand that the key is finding motivated seller leads. Without them, your options are limited. So, how do you consistently generate these leads?

In the third part of ‘The Greatest Business’ miniseries, you will learn how to find leads and compile lists—both free and paid, covering everything in between. Brent also reveals the importance of focusing on one marketing channel to find motivated sellers.

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Show notes:

  • (1:03) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:21) Building lead generation strategies and pulling motivated seller’s lists
  • (5:35) Understand the property value and distress of your market first.
  • (6:24) Focus on people who have high equity.
  • (13:52) If they’re not paying their property taxes, there are probably some signs of financial distress.
  • (15:10) The seven “NO’s” rule.
  • (21:30) This business comes down to two things: having conversations and making offers.
  • (22:38) Focus on one marketing channel at a time.
  • (27:06) Answer the calls LIVE when you’re doing marketing.



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