WIP 1288: One Deal, $86K in Profits – How He Did It

If you’re aiming to build a rock-solid real estate business, it all comes down to having meaningful conversations and making solid offers. The key is to focus “only” on income-generating activities, rather than wasting time on things like website, logos, and business cards. Ya know, things that don’t generate revenue. And guess what? Today’s story is living proof.

Meet Sam Carmichael, a regular salesperson who ventured into real estate wholesaling in Massachusetts. His positive attitude turned him into a real force to be reckoned with, sealing an unbelievable $86,000 profit from just one deal! Want to learn more? Check out the TTP training program to consistently generate wholesale deals, and build a thriving real estate wholesaling business with Brent Daniels’ help. 


Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (6:32) What introduced him to real estate investing?
  • (8:57) Why do some people naturally gravitate toward self-development while most people don’t?
  • (10:06) You need to follow proven tactical instructions.
  • (13:43) Build a habit of having conversations and making offers.
  • (21:15) The most powerful part about reaching out to property owners is typically the lower competition.
  • (22:53) Breaking down a deal.
  • (31:35) Build the skills that will enable you to establish a long-lasting business.



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