WIP 1279: #ThrowbackThursday – 15 Deals in His First 4 Months of Wholesaling

Today’s guest totally gets the ups and downs of the real estate game, especially when the market’s a rollercoaster. He’s all about turning those tough moments into character-building lessons that give your business an edge.

Get ready to soak up some wisdom in this episode, as we’re kicking back with Detroit’s wholesale guru, Scott Henson. He will be walking us through on how he snagged a whopping 15 killer deals in just FOUR months. Trust me, you won’t believe how he pulled it off!

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Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:34) Building relationships and helping people are just as important as making money in real estate
  • (8:48) Scott’s average deal size and how he secured 15 deals in his first few months
  • (15:50) Setting up grand visions: Scott’s annual goal for his business
  • (20:17) How does calling a “for sale by owner” work?
  • (21:16) Breaking down Scott’s initial deal



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