WIP 1278: The Hustler’s Playbook – How a 21-Year-Old is Dominating the Wholesaling Game

In this podcast episode, get ready for an incredible conversation with our returning guest from Toledo, Ohio—an extraordinary wholesaler who is about to unveil the secrets to scaling your business to new heights.

Meet Mihran El-Rafai, a remarkable 21-year-old protege who worked his way to scaling up. Over the past few years, this young investor has successfully attained financial freedom through his determination. Mihran is here today to reveal how he dominated his market, showcasing his true expertise and passion. Want to get rid of that real estate bug? Here’s Brent’s TTP training program to guide you.


Show notes:

  • (0:55) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:13) More of what you want, QUICKER.
  • (6:53) Where do we find deeply discounted properties?
  • (7:52) How to keep your leads organized.
  • (9:00) Stop giving away your profits by hiring too fast.
  • (11:35) Every marketing channel works; it all just comes down to your budget, time, and effort.
  • (20:53) Understanding your “why” before jumping into real estate



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