WIP 1275: How I Made $5,000 in My First Month Wholesaling Land

A lot of folks getting into real estate wholesaling tend to overlook the potential of land. But trust me, land investing is super flexible and interesting – you can handle it like a piece of cake as long as you follow the right moves and do things the smart way. Back in 2016, Brent Bowers stumbled upon the world of land, and now, 7 years down the road, he’s absolutely owning this real estate investing niche!

On today’s episode, he breaks down, step by step, what he did to generate $5000 in his first month of wholesaling land. If you want to become a rhino (like Brent) be sure to check out the Land Sharks Program.


Show notes:

  • (0:46) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:09) How to make $5,000 in your first month of land investing.
  • (4:09) Staying away from the herd mentality can also be beneficial for you.
  • (5:05) The BIG opportunities that land real estate has to offer
  • (8:22) Sending land offers from home is possible!
  • (10:42) Land real estate is much less emotional than dealing with houses.



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