WIP 1265: Uncharted Profits – Land vs Houses – The Untold Story

Achieving financial freedom is a real possibility, and being busy should never hold you back. Our guest, Brian McHenry, a successful full-time roofing contractor, is living proof of that. Despite his demanding job, he ventured into lucrative land deals and earned over $16,000 from his very first deal.

Today, he will reveal how he obtained his absentee owners list and took massive action to make his dreams a reality! Remember to check out the Land Sharks Program for your opportunity to build your own land business and work with Brent Bowers personally.


Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:23) The ability to get land up and running (sending out mailers and generating passive income).
  • (4:47) Getting your first land deal done.
  • (5:10) A bit of healthy competition helps.
  • (10:19) Brian breaks down the neutral letter that he’s been using.
  • (13:55) What is a good investor-friendly title agent?
  • (20:00) Brian’s advice for people who are getting started in real estate.



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