WIP 1264: #ThrowbackThursday – A Peak Behind the Curtain of an Operation that Closes 30 to 40 Real Estate Deals PER MONTH!

Join host Brent and real estate success duo Dominick Felix and Gonzalo Corzo as they share their journey from figuring out their lives in Jacksonville to dominating 12 thriving markets. Learn how they closed a wholesale deal every day, gaining $2.9 million in gross profits.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn their step-by-step process for acquiring 30 to 40 real estate wholesale deals each month! If you’re ready to start wholesaling, and want to close your first (or next) deal, check out the TTP training program.


Show notes:

  • (0:57) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (5:00) Explanation of the importance of having a roster team in your business.
  • (14:19) Building relationships with your sellers.
  • (15:45) The story of how Dom and Gonzalo’s partnership began.
  • (20:16) Cold calling can be the most effective wholesaling technique when executed correctly.
  • (29:05) Building your team to achieve your priority goals together.



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