WIP 1255: From Slam Dunks to Real Estate Deals – Former Pro Athlete Closes 180 Deals in 3 Years

From dribbling balls to dribbling money, Elijah Bryant proves to us that you can achieve financial freedom in land real estate. He used to be a professional basketball player and relocated to Tampa, where he secured his first deal and closed it for $6,000. He achieved this simply by driving around and actively seeking out dilapidated, unsightly houses. He’s been mastering land and house flipping for three years and has closed 180 deals since then!

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Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (4:14) Life before houses and land flipping.
  • (10:35) How to gain confidence and maintain it when contacting sellers.
  • (11:56) Closing an average of five deals a month and partnering with JV partners to scale up to larger deals.
  • (12:39) What are “infill” lots?
  • (14:06) Stay away from herd mentality.
  • (18:19) Sending direct mail to reach a wide scope of people.
  • (19:43) Find the lowest cash sale comp in your area and explain the pricing to your sellers.



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