WIP 1250: Single NJ Mother of Four Charges Her Way Through 5 Land Deals

Get ready rhinos to be amazed by our extraordinary guest today: the incredible supermom, Llana Cohen! Juggling the demands of being a single mother to four children, Llana has not only managed her family life but also achieved FIVE impressive land deals. 

Llana sends out 2,000 offer letters and secures eight contracts. However, there’s a surprising twist as she reveals her decision to cancel six of those contracts. Let’s discover the mystery behind her unexpected choice in this episode. Master the art of land investing and be just like Llana when you join the Land Sharks Program.


Show notes:

  • (1:05) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:37) A period of “soul searching” for the real estate rookie
  • (6:12) Breaking free from analysis paralysis
  • (9:55) Llana shares her first land deal experience after overcoming a challenging phase in her life
  • (13:56) Avoid comparing your insight to someone else’s outsight
  • (18:35) Llana’s success story: 8 contracts from 2,000 mailers and acquiring a land contract from a five-year-old
  • (28:20) Determine how you can gather sufficient support
  • (29:53) Strive to maintain faith and consistently show up imperfectly every day



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