WIP 1248: Land and Duplexes – Why You May Be Missing Out on Massive Profits

It’s time to explore the potential of the dialer and seize AMAZING opportunities. If you have a clear vision of the life you aspire to, don’t abandon it; take action and achieve it. Rest assured that success is within your reach. In today’s business landscape, countless prospects await those who are willing to act, leaving no room for excuses. We are thrilled to introduce Ishi and Morgan, a dynamic duo from Nashville who have transitioned from their previous 9-to-5 jobs to become experts in real estate investment, specializing in land and duplex properties. They have not only found remarkable success but are now earning six figures through their massive deals.

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Show notes:

  • (0:54) The beginning of today’s episode.
  • (4:28) How do they easily find vacant lots?
  • (9:58) Moving to Nashville and getting into real estate.
  • (13:56) Find properties that are under contract and start submitting some backup offers.
  • (18:40) The advantages of having a high-equity absentee owner list.
  • (22:39) You need to personally talk to a thousand property owners before hiring anyone.
  • (26:12) Analyzing a $280,000 “accidental” deal.



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  • DealMachine
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