WIP 1242: Unlock the Agent’s Vault – Live Wholesaling Conversations that Spark Deals

Unlock the ‘agent’s vault’ like no other in this live wholesaling call with Jonah Korchin. Listen as Jonah talks to an esteemed agent and assesses her two upcoming deals, while showcasing how he used the good old four pillars of prequalifying to follow warm and hot leads. Tune in to their conversation and discover what it takes to close a good deal. Two properties, one agent—let’s go!


Show notes:

  • (1:00) The beginning of today’s episode.
  • (2:43) Sharing the condition of the property.
  • (3:03) Let’s assess the house that she’s looking into. What perks does it have?
  • (5:15) The agent shares another property that she’s looking into.
  • (5:55) Ask the sellers, “What’s the reason they’re selling?”
  • (7:47) Lay out your game plan to your agent.
  • (9:37) There are two properties and one agent.



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