WIP 1235: From Blueprints to Big Bucks – An Architect’s $91,000 Leap of Faith

Meet John Auble, the land shark who ditched his job as an architect in the construction industry to become a full-time land investor! Today, he’s here to shower us with inspiration as he shares his story of taking that blind leap of faith and putting his plans into action. Guess what? John struck gold with his very first land deal. 

He sent out a whopping 6,000 land offer letters, and, believe it or not, one of them landed him a deal that made him a sweet profit of $91,000. Talk about success for those who dare! Get ready to be wowed by John Auble’s journey as he proves that sometimes it takes little guts to make BIG things happen. If you want to duplicate his actions, check out Brent’s Land Sharks program and be part of a growing community who strives for rhinoceros success!


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (8:14) Seeing the opportunity of land investing and leaving his job.
  • (10:24) John shares his process of sending letters.
  • (13:39) How real estate investing changed his life and gave him more freedom.
  • (14:42) John breaks down a chunky deal, coming from one of those 6,000 neutral letters.
  • (20:16) On finding private lenders.
  • (21:43) Sixteen acres listed for 8 hrs on the MLS, with $91,000 in profit.



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