WIP 1231: Outside the Box – Why and How to Invest Your Money to Generate Explosive Returns

In this episode with Todd Toback, learn why investing your hard-earned money is important and how to make the right investment choices. Todd will walk you through the nuts and bolts, sharing tips on collaborating effectively with Joint Venture (JV) partners. Plus, he shares his secrets to building a strong T-bill ladder to make your money grow faster and without risk! Whether you want to be hands-on or take a more laid-back approach as an investor, Todd’s insights on this episode will give you many options to choose from. Leverage is key…ESPECIALLY in today’s economic environment. 

Get ready to be inspired and discover how you, too, can secure those juicy checks in real estate wholesaling!


Show notes:

  • (1:01) Beginning in today’s episode
  • (5:59) Allocate 15% of your gross profits towards reinvesting in your real estate wholesaling business
  • (8:39) Determine your investment style: passive or active.
  • (14:05) Engage in joint venture deals with trustworthy partners
  • (15:51) Understanding the role and significance of a limited partner
  • (18:05) Crafting effective deal structures with investors
  • (19:45) Get your money MOVING! 



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