WIP 1230: Flipping Dirt – So Easy a 14 Year Old Can Do It

Get ready for a special guest on the podcast today: Joe McCall. He’s a real estate pro who’s not only making big moves in the industry but also generously sharing his knowledge with others. What’s more impressive is that he’s doing it alongside his kids! Joe taught his teenage boys the ins and outs of real estate, starting with sending postcards to landowners. And guess what? Their very first deal together made a whopping $11,000 in profit!

In this episode, Joe reveals his favorite mailing methods and teaches you how to score those fat paychecks from the comfort of your own home. This episode is jam packed with practical steps that you can immediately implement to start generating big profits with land! Be a landshark just like Joe, start your journey at Brent’s Landsharks Program.


Show notes:

  • (0:52) Beginning of todays episode
  • (5:42) How did Joe get his boys started in learning real estate at a young age?
  • (10:07) What phone number should you use when sending mail?
  • (13:48) The good thing about land investing is that you can do the business anywhere!
  • (18:00) Pick counties with an established demand.
  • (20:30) Always send your offers through physical mail.
  • (24:07) Joe shares his lead-swamping problems.
  • (28:30) Follow up your leads!



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