WIP 1228: No Experience, No Problem – How a Job Loss Led to Wholesaling Success

Imagine the experience of getting fired from a seemingly secure W2 job, which you believed would be permanent. But as fate would have it, you soon discover that you don’t need that job because there are alternative paths to achieve financial success and freedom. And in this case, that alternative is real estate investing!

Join us on an inspiring journey with Ralph Germain, who turned adversity into opportunity after being laid off from his 9-5. Ralph, with the resilience of a rhino, discovered the world of real estate investing and is now transitioning into it full-time. Learn how he leveraged strategies from mentor Brent Daniels and built a strong network in the real estate arena. If you want to go out there and start being proactive (just like Ralph) the TTP Training Program is the best way to get started! 


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:30) From being laid off to becoming an accidental real estate investor
  • (11:30) Ralph’s immigrant background story
  • (15:56) Planning, preparation, and implementing systems before transitioning into full-time real estate
  • (17:00) Analyzing a chunky wholesale deal
  • (23:14) Identifying individuals with problems that can be solved with a cash as-is offer
  • (28:00) Ralph’s advice for beginners in wholesaling



  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • MLS
  • Contact Ralph at (201)-252-7434 or connect with his socials here
  • To speak with Brent or one of our other expert coaches call (281) 835-4201 or schedule your free discovery call here to learn about our mentorship programs and become part of the Tribe

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