WIP 1226: The Unseen Monopoly – Unlocking Massive Wealth with Mobile Home Parks

Achieving financial freedom through real estate heavily relies on scale. While multifamily properties offer the swiftest route to scale, other commercial asset classes can also lead you there…

In today’s show we have Todd Toback, who will explain how he is living the dream with mobile home parks. Discover why investing in this sector is a solid addition to your real estate portfolio, and learn the core aspects of growing a business in this specialized market.


Show notes:

  • (0:48) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:07) Perks of investing in mobile home parks.
  • (4:21) Multiple ways to make money from mobile home parks.
  • (6:04) Look at mobile home parks as a business for renting dirt.
  • (7:35) You can quickly increase the value of mobile home parks in just one year!
  • (8:41) Rent in mobile home parks is low.
  • (10:48) The fewer mobile home parks there are, the more valuable your mobile home park becomes.



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