WIP 1223: Andre Berto – How a Boxing Legend is Dominating the Wholesaling Arena

Get ready to lace up your wholesaling gloves as we deliver a knockout of knowledge on today’s show! Joining us is none other than Andre “the Beast” Berto, who will share his remarkable journey from throwing punches in the ring to landing incredible wholesaling deals. He’s living proof that it’s okay not to stick to one arena… you can be a BEAST anywhere!

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Show notes:

  • (0:48) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (5:27) Enhancing Andre’s financial literacy during his upbringing.
  • (6:35) The key elements of a successful life: Achievement and Fulfillment.
  • (9:01) Fulfillment encompasses growth and contribution.
  • (10:50) Acquiring expertise in wholesaling from its foundation.
  • (16:36) At what point did Andre take the leap and commit to expanding his knowledge of financial literacy?
  • (25:16) “Wholesaling puts you in a position to just pick and choose what you want.”



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