WIP 1218: 20,000 Deals Later – The Untold Story of a Wholesaling Prodigy

Spencer Caldwell is an exceptional figure in the world of real estate and stands as a true prodigy in his field. This guy has completed over 20,000 deals throughout his years in wholesaling. A significant portion of his achievements was accomplished through his unique strategy of bidding at foreclosure auctions for the past two years.

Truly ahead of his time, Spencer Caldwell possesses strategic prowess and an extraordinary mind. Today, we have the incredible opportunity to dive into his captivating story, listen, and learn from his expertise. If you are ready to take massive action — just like Spencer — apply to Brent’s TTP Training Program to get the same systems and strategies.


Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:01) It is crucial to understand who your buyers are and what they are looking for.
  • (8:35) Three approaches to assessing deals.
  • (16:34) Mastering the art of handling foreclosure auctions.
  • (20:00) If you can find buyers who possess the ability to evaluate a property instantly, make prompt decisions on their buying price, and provide bidding instructions, you can build a powerful list.
  • (22:28) How to effectively manage transaction coordination within this unique strategy?
  • (25:32) Remain open and willing to accommodate the needs of your buyers.



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