WIP 1217: Negotiation Mastery – Transforming Deals into Wholesale Profit Machines

Transforming wholesaling deals into profit machines relies on your powerful negotiation skills. Through thorough research, understanding the seller’s motivation, and building rapport, you can set the stage for a successful negotiation. Clearly defining your walk-away point and highlighting your unique value empowers you to negotiate favorable terms and prices.

Listen to Brent Daniels as he teaches you how to negotiate your way through the TOP. This episode will guide you in creating win-win solutions, being patient and persistent, and following through on commitments to secure profitable deals.

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Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:19) Your behavior is influenced by your goals, plans, and mindset.
  • (4:04) Strategies to secure higher-value contracts through increased contract signings.
  • (4:20) Establishing connections and building rapport through effective use of tone of voice.
  • (5:25) Familiarize yourself with the   fundamental principles of lead prequalification.
  • (8:31) Prioritize understanding their challenges before discussing pricing.
  • (10:41) Adhere to a systematic approach to secure upfront agreements.
  • (12:59) Schedule appointments and obtain consent.



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