WIP 1216: Hidden in Plain Sight -The Real Estate Secret That Could Change Your Financial Future

“You need to start acting like you’re wealthy before you get wealthy!”

Get ready to transform your financial future with Todd Toback as he unveils the principles of achieving wealth. If you’re puzzled by the thought of acting wealthy before attaining wealth, don’t worry! Todd will share some interesting insights to clarify this concept. Discover the secret behind every successful investor—a powerful document that has the potential to transform your entire lifestyle. Stay tuned to this episode and unlock the life-changing revelation that awaits you.


Show notes:

  • (0:46) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (0:52) The secret document that leads you to achieving your FREEDOM
  • (1:21) Profiting from wholesale single family homes
  • (3:25) How to break free from the transaction train?
  • (6:35) Understanding the concept of a personal financial statement
  • (10:34) Establish a liberating routine…that will set you free
  • (14:33) A concise recap of Todd’s key points



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