WIP 1215: What They’re Not Telling You – The Hidden Secret to Successful Land Deals

In his one of his first land deals, our esteemed guest, Kenny Kamdoum, embarked on a journey of perseverance by cold calling homeowners. Initially met with a homeowner who was uninterested in selling their house, fate intervened as they presented an alternative proposition—their parcel of land, that they wanted to get rid of. Recognizing this opportunity, Kenny seized the moment, and took his shot.

Within just six months, Kenny triumphed, surpassing the six-figure mark with earnings exceeding $100,000. Today, he’s here, ready to impart his wisdom on the steps that led to his success. Prepare to unravel the significance of diligent “follow up” and discover the secrets to your own wins. Check out the Land Sharks Program to become a successful land investor yourself. Never stop winning! 


Show notes:

  • (0:47) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:14) What inspired Kenny to pursue a career in real estate?
  • (5:08) Unraveling the journey of how he stumbled upon his first lucrative deal.
  • (10:21) Achieving a remarkable feat: Securing a profitable deal with a single phone call in under three hours.
  • (12:40) Witness the pinnacle of Kenny’s success: Sealing a remarkable $450,000 deal for a sprawling 200-acre plot of land.
  • (22:00) Insights into Kenny’s collaborations with fellow realtors.
  • (22:35) Embracing the mantra of success: “Commitment is the key to victory.”



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