WIP 1212: PPC VS. Cold Calling – Which Strategy is Best For You

The four pillars of your strategy should be: calling, texting, referrals, and pay-per-click. These pillars are crucial for every wholesaler, serving as their holy grail in money making. Our guest, Jesse and host, Brent Daniels, will elaborate on the importance of these pillars and explain why they are vital to your success.

Cold calling has the potential to generate substantial profits, but so do pay-per-click campaigns. Jesse is an expert in leveraging PPC, and today he will delve into the intricate details that make them effective. You can learn more about these strategies with the help of Brent’s TTP Training Program.Be sure to check it out! 


Show notes:

  • (0:56) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:25) What is the crucial factor in initiating a successful pay-per-click campaign?
  • (2:26) Uncovering the psychological aspects of your “landing page.”
  • (3:43) Your website visitors must grasp the purpose of your website within the first three seconds.
  • (9:44) How to identify a reputable PPC agency.
  • (12:11) Actively engage property owners by asking questions to understand their needs better.
  • (15:26) The two-sided nature of marketing: a powerful tool that demands careful handling.



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