WIP 1200: Doing 5 to 7 Deals Per Month Using Virtual Assistants

Shaun Young is back to give you some incredible tips on how to leverage your wholesaling business to the core! He’s here to explain his first real estate deal, the strategies he used, and how he was able to dominate one marketing tactic during his wholesaling years. 

Shaun is now leveraging and training virtual assistants to do the work for him, and today he’s going to teach you how to do it too so that you can surpass his 5-7 deals a month track record! Get that information and start taking action by checking out the Land Sharks program.


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (3:42) Why wholesale houses?
  • (5:10) Explaining the sandwich lease options.
  • (8:27) How to get that for sale on the owner’s list?
  • (12:32) You get to dominate and stick with one strategy.
  • (13:35) Optimizing virtual assistants to start your own real estate company.
  • (16:27) Picking the right virtual assistant is crucial.
  • (17:20) You need someone who’s trained, managed, and monitored.
  • (20:44) Don’t miss out on these opportunities and start taking action!
  • (21:50) Have discipline more than motivation.



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