WIP 1194: Marketing Machine – Building a Big Business in a Small Market

Is it really impossible to build a profitable business in smaller markets? Well, our guest from Jacksonville is here today to debunk that myth and show you how it’s done!

Meet Dustin Ring, the classic example of “From Zero to Hero.” With determination and action, he transitioned from a $30,000-a-month corporate job to closing six-figured wholesale deals in small towns and counties. Dustin’s success story proves that NOTHING is impossible when you take action and believe in yourself. For more “deal-closing” adventures check out TTP Training Program.


Show notes:

  • (1:15) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:33) Dispelling myths about building a successful wholesale business in smaller markets
  • (4:11) Exploring the lucrative opportunities in smaller towns within the market
  • (7:02) How does he manage to attract enough buyers in his area to close significant deals?
  • (9:50) Building relationships with repeat buyers who purchase properties without seeing them
  • (14:53) Implementing a 90-day testing strategy to generate high-converting leads
  • (21:50) Embracing authenticity in your interactions with others 
  • (25:00) Analyzing a $200,000 mobile park home deal in detail



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