WIP 1193: Live Coaching – Getting to the Root of the Problem…to Close More Deals

Closing real estate deals can be a multifaceted process that requires meticulous planning and skilful execution. For you to elevate your success rate and achieve more closed deals, it’s crucial to pinpoint and effectively address the underlying causes of any challenges you may encounter. In this LIVE coaching episode, Brent Daniels shares invaluable tips on identifying the root issues and paving the way for successfully closing more real estate deals.

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Show notes:

  • (1:09) Refining your Skills and Scripts for Closing with Property Owners
  • (3:11) Empower yourself with early “No’s” for greater control
  • (4:57) Implementing the Effective Techniques of Sandler Training
  • (6:15) Gain Deeper Insight with Open-Ended Questions about Condition, Timeline, Motivation, and Price
  • (8:31) Mastering Problem Identification to Better Serve Sellers
  • (11:34) Building Rapport and Relationships through Tone of Voice, Skillful Questioning, and Active Listening



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