WIP 1190: The 2 Year Deal that Led to a $500k Per Year Wholesaling Business

Mason Klement, our guest today, went from being a financial analyst to a successful land-investing master. Despite facing challenges in his day job and experiencing financial losses, Mason took a plunge in the world of REI with no regrets. As he navigates this industry he began using a strategic approach of sending mail to targeted leads and analyzing opportunities in the land market. His expertise in financial analysis, ability to identify lucrative opportunities, and tenacity led to a remarkable $500,000 net profit!

Mason’s story exemplifies the impact of the right mindset, strategy, and determination. Want to be a land shark like him? Be sure to check out the Land Sharks Program for more exciting tips.


Show notes:

  • (0:45) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:29) Why did he consider real estate one of the lowest interest rates?
  • (4:54) How did Mason pick up his market?
  • (5:32) You have to focus on clusters to have a data-driven approach in identifying markets new to real estate 
  • (12:42) Get a mentor who’s still actively involved in the business
  • (16:05) Finding land specialists agents
  • (17:01) Breaking down Mason’s first deal
  • (19:40) There’s a buyer in every piece of land
  • (23:35) You can scale the size of your teams or scale the size of your transactions
  • (24:44) Subdividing land regulations



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