WIP 1184: #ThrowBackThursday – 6 Cold Calling Techniques to Help You Crush Your Cold Calling Game

Today, Mr. TTP,  Brent Daniels, will share six powerful cold-calling techniques that you can immediately apply in your wholesaling business to drastically increase your chances of success…regardless of which market you work in. During the episode, Brent will also dive into the typical responses you can expect from motivated sellers and how to handle each one confidently. This episode is a must-listen for anyone serious about taking their real estate investing game to the next level.

So, tune in and let Brent walk you through each technique step-by-step, and take your cold-calling skills to new heights! If this episode made you want to explore the wholesaling world further be sure to check out TTP Training Program.


Show notes:

  • (1:01) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:51) Gain insight into the six possible responses you may receive when considering an offer
  • (2:30) Pay close attention to the initial price quoted within the first 60-90 seconds
  • (3:30) Respond to their questions with a thought-provoking “response question”
  • (5:01) Keep in mind the Four Pillars of Prequalifying to ensure a successful transaction
  • (7:14) Thoroughly qualify the price to avoid any future misunderstandings
  • (9:41) Communicate clearly by using simple and easily understandable language
  • (10:05) Ensure they save your contact number for future reference
  • (12:44) Inquire about other properties they may have available for potential offers.



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