WIP 1181: Secrets of the Wealthy – How to Keep More of the Money You Make

Get ready for an insightful and action-packed episode as we dive into the world of real estate investing and discover how you can keep more of the money you make. Our guest, Tom Wheelwright, best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth and The Win-Win Wealth Strategy, unveils the secrets to building wealth through strategic, tax-saving techniques. This episode is perfect for seasoned investors and newcomers alike, providing valuable information that can transform your financial journey.  Be sure to check out Brent’s TTP Training Program for an opportunity to work with him personally on building your wholesaling business. 

Show notes:

(1:00) – Welcome and Introducing Tom Wheelwright

  • Kick-start your financial transformation with today’s riveting episode

(9:41) – Real Estate Investing: A Team Sport

  • Learn why collaboration is key to achieving success in the investing world

(13:40) – The Power of Passive Income and Passive Losses

  • Unlock the potential of passive income while understanding the importance of managing passive losses

(14:50) – Active vs. Passive Income: The Crucial Difference

  • Discover the two types of income and how they impact your financial strategy

(20:36) – Bonus Depreciation: A Game-Changer for Investors

  • Tom explains the concept of bonus depreciation and its benefits for real estate investors

(27:14) – Income Generation: The Purpose of Expenses

  • Uncover the true purpose of expenses and how they drive income generation

(27:05) – Navigating Financial Statements with Confidence

  • Tom provides a crystal-clear framework for understanding and mastering financial statements

(29:15) – Smart Financing for Long-Term Assets

  • Learn why utilizing long-term debt is the best approach for financing long-term assets



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