WIP 1180: #Replay – How My Father Went from Bankruptcy to Doing Almost 50 Land Deals

Investing will almost always come with inherent risks, even in small-town businesses. But the good news is, there are always ways to mitigate risk while putting yourself in the best possible position for success. In today’s episode, a father and son tackle this challenging yet rewarding topic. Brent Bowers shares the inspiring story of his father, Bo Bowers, a car accident survivor and manual laborer most of his life.

Together, they recount their journey over the past 17 years, discussing their business, upbringing, family, and health. Tune in to discover how Bo overcame adversity and overcame bankruptcy by going all-in on land investing. If you feel motivated by Bo’s story make sure to head over to the  Land Sharks program for a special opportunity to work directly with Brent Bowers on building your own land investing business. 


Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:35) Bo’s backstory in land real estate
  • (10:05) How Bo’s investment in land helped him avoid bankruptcy
  • (19:29) Offering quick and convenient solutions to sellers can lead to significant discounts even in a competitive market
  • (21:40) Achieving equilibrium between supply and demand in your real estate enterprise
  • (24:50) Persistence is key when building a business – success takes time and requires consistency
  • (25:25) A comprehensive guide to building a list of motivated buyers



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