WIP 1176: Doing Incredible Business in a Tiny Market

Can you establish a successful wholesaling business even in a small market? Absolutely! Today, we’re excited to have Travis from Charleston, West Virginia, who has firsthand experience achieving remarkable results in his local market. Despite living in a town with limited resources, Travis has thrived in his wholesaling business. So, get ready to take notes as he shares his actionable tips and strategies with us.

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Show notes:

  • (1:10) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:53) Getting started in real estate doesn’t require a huge budget
  • (7:12) What was Travis’s starting point in real estate?
  • (10:43) Imperfect action is the key to progress, not perfection
  • (11:56) Real estate offers opportunities to increase income and scale up
  • (13:34) By taking risks and staying focused, you can build an unbelievable cash-flowing business
  • (15:54) Discover how to close deals using internet leads
  • (23:10) Become a magnet in your area and squat up with like-minded individuals!



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