WIP 1168: From Losing Everything to $8million in Wealth (Bigger Pockets)

Brent Daniels went from a successful real estate broker with a big house and eighty employees to losing everything during the last housing crash. He had to let go of all his employees, lost his car and wife, and was left with several hundred thousand dollars of debt. However, Brent found a way to get back on track by wholesaling real estate. He built a successful business that generates over a million dollars annually with just four team members.

Despite his wins, he still remains humble and shares his script for getting hefty wholesale fees from motivated sellers. Brent’s journey proves that a comeback from rock bottom is possible, and it can be the foundation for success. Let’s listen to his Bigger Pockets interview and get a glimpse of his inner workings. If you found his story compelling and wish to achieve similar outcomes, be sure to check out his TTP Training Program for an opportunity to work with him personally.


Show notes:

  • (1:14) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:46) Brent’s inspiring rags-to-riches story
  • (6:46) Looking back at the turning points that led Brent to his success in real estate.
  • (18:06) Brent shares his strategies for building momentum in the wholesaling business.
  • (20:13) Debunking door-knocking myths: Brent shares his insights on the effectiveness of door-knocking in real estate.
  • (21:22) Laser-focus on distressed properties. The importance of targeting distressed properties in real estate.
  • (23:05) The three key factors: Speed, convenience, and price
  • (36:37) “Don’t let the deal die” segment with Brent Daniels. Brent offers his expert advice on salvaging deals that are on the brink of falling apart.



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