WIP 1160: #Replay – How a Firefighter Closed 49 Land Deals in Less Than Two Years of Wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling can yield fast and impressive results, as proven by Paul Brewer’s story. A former firefighter of 18 years, he transformed into a successful land investor in less than two years using a proven strategy.

In this episode, Paul shares his inspiring journey towards becoming a highly successful real estate wholesaler and the valuable lessons he learned. He also reveals the blueprint that enabled him to close 49 lucrative land deals. Follow his recipe now by checking out the Land Sharks Program.


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:46) Consistent mailing and marketing strategies can significantly boost your sales and bring in a substantial amount of business
  • (8:31) Simplify your tasks with automated apps and streamline your processes for increased efficiency
  • (13:47) Land is always in demand and has a high potential for sales
  • (15:27) Strive to make your business as passive as possible for a stress-free and smooth operation
  • (19:36) Selling land at the correct price minimizes the risk of errors and unforeseen problems during the buying and selling process



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