WIP 1159: Closing Deals in Your Spare Time – Insider Tips from a Successful Shift Working Wholesaler

Real estate wholesaling offers flexibility to search, analyze deals, negotiate, and manage on your own time. However, it’s competitive and requires expertise and a strong network…

Nick Pitre is a thriving wholesaler who proves success is possible with guidance, resources, and community support. To pursue wholesaling in your spare time, educate yourself on industry fundamentals and learn from experienced wholesalers. With a strong foundation and support, you can navigate challenges and achieve financial goals. If you want to learn the right models, make sure to head over to Brent’s TTP training program.


Show notes:

  • (1:18) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:47) Nobody should tell you what your financial potential is
  • (6:45) Locking up deals using Driving for Dollars
  • (7:41) When is the right time to go full-time?
  • (8:51) What is the 5 Stage Model and why it’s critical to your success
  • (11:57) How was he able to help wholesalers in his area using JV’s to get deals done? 
  • (16:44) Nick’s deal breakdown
  • (21:03) If you can get someone to like you and trust doing business with you, that’s all it takes



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