WIP 1158: Cold Call Breakdown – The 3 Minute Cold Call that Led to $150k in Net Profits

In this episode, Brent will unveil the actual call that resulted in a $150,000 net profit deal. By listening to this conversation, you’ll gain insight into the inner workings of this fantastic business and be inspired to take action yourself.

The purpose of this cold call breakdown is to motivate and encourage aspiring wholesalers to take the necessary steps to succeed. It highlights the importance of having quality conversations with distressed property owners and how putting in the work can lead to big wins. This isn’t a theoretical approach or rocket science; it’s the truth behind every SUCCESSFUL wholesaler’s journey!

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Show notes:

  • (0:54) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:49) If you go out and do massive deals, you will find massive deals.
  • (3:40) Fran’s cold-call break down
  • (4:44) When you ask callers if they would like an offer, there are always six possible responses. What are they and how to deal with each one of them
  • (9:53) You cannot lose in this business, you have to have faith and push through it
  • (10:00) You need to set expectations in each of your conversations and be ready for them
  • (11:34) Always remember: Condition, Timeline, Motivation, and Price
  • (13:30) Sometimes when you gently pull away, they will come follow you



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