WIP 1155: A Surefire Way to Find Lucrative Land Deals in Today’s Market

Meet Nicholas Nick, the founder of Lead Mining Pros, a real estate lead generation company with a focus on cold calling. Nick’s persistence, patience, and willingness to learn and adapt to changing circumstances have made him a true expert in the industry.

In this exclusive interview, he generously shares his personal journey, invaluable insights, and tips on cold calling, mindset, and generating leads. With his extensive experience and proven track record of bringing in deals, Nicholas is truly a master at navigating the complex and dynamic real estate market of today.

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Show notes:

  • (0:58) Beginning in today’s episode
  • (1:10) Using Americans for cold-calling phone calls
  • (3:28) What are the current market trends in 2023?
  • (9:07) The “20 leads on first deal” guideline
  • (11:39) Transforming unproductive leads into successful conversions
  • (18:13) Nick’s first ever cold calling story
  • (20:26) Distressed properties are linked to distressed individuals
  • (25:56) Maximize your time for optimal results
  • (27:53) Strategies to achieve excellent outcomes with minimal dialing



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