WIP 1147: Super Saturday LIVE Cold Calling Bootcamp – Part 1

Step into the wild world of real estate with Super Saturdays, the ultimate cold-calling boot camp led by Brent Daniels and his team of rhinos. Brent, along with superstar cold caller Luke Rotvold, will take you on a live and interactive journey as they hunt for deals on the dialer.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity will allow you to learn from the best in the business, sharpen your cold-calling skills and gain an advantage in the competitive world of real estate wholesaling. Join the hunt today and take your negotiation skills to the next level!

If you are serious about becoming a successful wholesaler and would like an opportunity to work with Brent Daniels personally, join the TTP training program now!


Show notes:

  • (1:02) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:02) Two common voicemail reactions
  • (6:08) Do not drop voicemails!
  • (10:03) Cold calling is about collaboration, excitement, and taking action!
  • (20:41) Have a thick rhino skin to overcome each tough conversation
  • (27:17) Do not put unmotivated sellers in your leads list
  • (31:49) The seven steps of a PERFECT call
  • (46:08) Ugly Houses = Big Checks
  • (50:04) Always stay consistent
  • (1:10:37) Take the risk, and throw out that number!



  • Mojo Dialer
  • Zillow
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