WIP 1139: Exploring Multiple Exit Strategies to Close More Deals and Make Bigger Profits

A well-planned exit strategy can help investors anticipate and plan for various outcomes, minimize risks, and maximize returns. Understanding how to sell a property and determining the most favorable way to make more money is something you should consider before entering a wholesale agreement. Without a solid exit strategy, investors may struggle to sell the property or sell it at a loss.

Join us today as we welcome Nick Kamrada, a powerhouse from Tampa Bay, Florida, who has made thousands of dollars daily using different exit strategies in his first few years in business. You don’t want to miss this out! Don’t forget to check into Brent’s TTP training program for more.


Show notes:

  • (0:59) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (1:21) Why Sellers Opt for Potential Equity Over Speed and Convenience
  • (3:28) Screening Out Ineligible Cash Purchase Leads
  • (7:38) Exploring Balloon Payments (A Guide for Investors)
  • (12:54) Seller Financing Beyond Distressed Situations
  • (15:32) The Impact of Property Condition on Down Payment Requirements
  • (17:09) Moving Beyond Price-Based Decisions
  • (21:55) Creating Win-Win Deals through Creative Finance
  • (24:50) Stepping into Equity: An Investor’s Guide to ‘Walking into Equity



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