WIP 1138: #Replay – Meet a Former Receptionist Now Doing Multiple 6-Figures Wholesaling Houses

Unlock the potential of real estate with multiple income-generating strategies. From being a real estate agent to house hacking, flipping, wholesaling, renting, BRRR, and even developing, the possibilities are endless. Take inspiration from this 28-year-old dabbler Tasha Deregis, who went from a receptionist to a millionaire flipper in 6 years. Tune in to her story of success today.

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Show notes:

  • (1:02) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:45) Rising to the Top: From Receptionist to Big Time Investor
  • (7:00) Taking Educated Risks and Navigating Hard Money Loans in Real Estate
  • (11:50) (Planting the Seed) Building Financial Literacy from a Young Age
  • (14:20) Feeling Confident in the Biz with a Strong Support System 
  • (21:40) Breaking Down a Million Dollar Deal
  • (22:30) Opportunities Await: Making Calls and Finding Investments in Real Estate
  • (25:00) A Guide to Successful Real Estate Investment



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