WIP 1132: Wholesaling Quicktip – 5 People Every Real Estate Wholesaler Needs in Their Business

Real estate investing can be a complex and challenging venture, but with the right team behind you, the possibilities are endless.

A personal board of directors made up of trusted individuals can be a powerful asset in achieving your business goals. They serve as your sounding board for ideas, giving feedback and allowing you to think through potential investments. And when things get tough, they will be there to provide accountability and support, helping you to stay focused and motivated on the road to success.

Don’t go it alone. Build a team of trusted advisors and watch your real estate business soar! If you’re planning to solidify your real estate goals, make sure to visit Brent’s TTP training program.


Show notes:

  • (0:58) Building Your Team: the role of a sponsor to your success in the business
  • (2:03) The hidden ways growth can be a challenge in your business
  • (2:11) Why mentorship matters
  • (2:20) How to handle the naysayers
  • (3:14) The importance of a financial protector in your business
  • (3:36) Why building a strong support system is critical to your long term success



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