WIP 1130: Student Zero – Doing Giant Land Deals from a 42 Foot Camper

You have to lose millions to make billions. For you to achieve true wealth, sometimes sacrifices are made. Der Smith knows this first-hand. This rockstar land investor has been living out of the back of his 42-foot camper truck as he travels the country seeking the best land deals.

Through determination and a fearless approach, Der has turned small investments into substantial profits, earning over $153,000 in his first six months. Today, he’ll be sharing his secrets on how to unlock your billion-dollar potential and why he chose land as his niche market over traditional real estate. Join us as we learn from his success and discover how to implement the right strategies for you!

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Show notes:

  • (2:03) Discover the incredible journey of the first land shark as he adapts and thrives in a new niche
  • (5:42) Learn strategies for conquering fears and addressing personal weaknesses
  • (6:15) Understand the importance of taking calculated risks and the potential for huge rewards
  • (10:41) Uncover the factors that helped Der overcome his limiting beliefs
  • (12:13) Find out how Der quickly secured his first land deal
  • (17:51) Quick land lessons: Run your land deals by a title company!
  • (20:05) How did Der cap a $153,000 net profit on land in only six months?
  • (25:10) Now’s the time to go out there and invest in yourself! 



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