WIP 1129: #Classic – Cold Calling Blueprint

As a 25-year-old rhino from San Diego, California, Davin Reynolds already earned $127,000 with the help of door-to-door sales and cold calling.

Despite being a newcomer to the industry, Davin navigated the competitive San Diego market by storm, closing two lucrative deals in his FIRST month! How cool is that? If you’re interested in wholesaling but don’t have the resources for a big marketing budget, tune in to today’s episode to hear Davin’s inspiring story.

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Show notes:

  • (1:13) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (4:03) How did Davin come across real estate wholesaling?
  • (7:00) Davin tells the story of how he closed two deals in a row
  • (10:45) Find someone who has experience in the marketplace and let them help you in your business and learn from them
  • (13:02) The story of how Davin worked his way through door-knocking
  • (15:44) Go out there and help people, get your willingness to serve and provide them value
  • (26:40) Davin shares his wholesaling goals for the next upcoming months.



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