WIP 1125: #Replay – How Driving for Dollars Yielded One Wholesaler an $83,000 Deal in Just 8 Hours of Work

Discover the secrets to success in the real estate industry with DFD master Zach Boothe, who transformed his financial situation from rags to riches through his unique real estate marketing strategy, Driving for Dollars. Today, we delve into Zach’s journey of starting a window cleaning business, overcoming struggles, and how real estate ultimately led him to financial FREEDOM.

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Show notes:

  • (1:00) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:33) The inspiring story of Zach Boothe (How it began and where he’s at now)
  • (7:44) How you need to be in charge of your finances
  • (10:17) You’ve got to find that motivation every single day until it becomes a habit
  • (12:00) It’s better to have a job that you hate rather than a business you hate
  • (14:10) Combine work ethic with the right action steps so you can be UNSTOPPABLE
  • (16:49) Zach’s 40-Day Challenge 
  • (21:31) How Zach used driving for dollars to find a land deal



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