WIP 1115: How to Make Huge Profits with Meaty Land Deals

The real estate market is fluid, always changing. Therefore you have to be good at recognizing trends and knowing your market, and fast at pivoting when necessary. Land investing can be a good option for some investors because it offers more flexibility, freedom, and potentially higher returns than many other real estate investments.

Today, we have a special guest joining us – Josh Wagstaff, who has successfully transitioned from horseshoeing to becoming a land investing expert. He has closed numerous land deals and has since generated over $200,000 with land. In this episode, Josh will be sharing his valuable insights on how you can approach big, chunky, and juicy land deals.

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Show notes:

  • (1:07) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (6:28) Simple, find a motivated seller, find a motivated buyer, get paid 
  • (7:45) There are multiple ways to get paid, and multiple exit strategy’s that you can take when doing land deals
  • (13:27) Unlike the stock market, real estate gives you so much control
  • (21:22) Talking to landowners and lining up land deals
  • (23:40) The more significant problems you solve, the higher returns you will make
  • (23:52) Go after bigger pieces of land and provide massive value



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