WIP 1104: Meet the Determined Wholesaler Who Took 335 Days to Close His First Deal

Being in this business takes time, a lot of confidence, and setting up the right mindset…

Two years ago our guest got laid off from a very good job due to the pandemic. He transitioned from getting a secure and steady paycheck to deciding to go on his own and waiting 335 days before seeing another check.

This was the story of Miami Wholesaler, Marcelo Lara. Who completely shifted his perspective in life and now is on his way to crushing it in this biz! It took him a while to gain momentum but on his THIRD deal, he netted $31K! If you need motivation, this episode is for you!

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Show notes:

  • (1:05) Beginning of today’s episode 
  • (3:31) How did he stay motivated to close his first deal?
  • (5:30) It’s very easy to quit, but that won’t take you anywhere so keep on moving forward
  • (7:04) How was he able to get to that level of confidence?
  • (8:46) Why did it take nine months to get his first deal?
  • (10:11) You’re not going to get great deals when you’re not generating enough leads 
  • (14:35) For anything worth having in life you gotta put in enough effort 
  • (17:58) The power of networking and how to use this amazing tool to connect with more people
  • (25:50) Breaking down a powerful deal 



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