WIP 1096: The Steps This Introverted Wholesaler Took to Double His Business in 12 Months

The real estate business requires you to make phone calls, meet people, find motivated sellers, and negotiate with them. Naturally, you may think it’s a world that’s only fitting for a social butterfly. You know the type: the self-assured, quick-talking, boisterous salesman endowed with the gift of gab and natural persuasion abilities.

Well, hang in there; you might have to think again because today’s guest will prove you wrong.

One of the advantages of real estate is that it’s a business you don’t have to do alone. Take the story of Kris, the introvert who still manages to partner up with people he trusts to double his profits within a year. He sits with us today to share tips for you to become a quiet force to be reckoned with.


Show notes:

  • (0:48) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (3:30) Kris’s journey from being an attorney to becoming a real estate investor
  • (6:46) You don’t need any background or degree to dive into real estate.
  • (9:40) A chunky deal breakdown
  • (11:29) How is he able to talk to sellers despite his introversion?
  • (13:54) A creative method for getting partners to sell your deals
  • (16:02) Kris’s use of direct mail and his preferred marketing lists
  • (18:04) Try to focus on one marketing channel and do only one thing at a time



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